Cookie’s Crib Quilts combines two of my favorite things: children and sewing. With encouragement and guidance from my mother, I started sewing many, many years ago at about age 10. The fabric journey has taken me from shortie pajamas (my first project) to my wedding “going away dress” to maternity clothes and now quilts. My introduction to quilting was via a fund raiser for our sons’ school and I instantly became fascinated with the unlimited artistic possibilities offered by quilting. As a grandmother (called Cookie – thus Cookie’s Crib Quilts), I now focus on crib sized quilts and hope that they impart warmth and comfort, in addition to visual enjoyment. The quilts can be machine washed and dried, so they can be dragged along the ground (like Linus and his blanket), and otherwise enjoyed hands on by the intended recipient. Naturally, Cookie’s Crib Quilts have also found their way into nurseries as a decorative item. Either way, I just hope they are enjoyed and loved as much as I enjoy and love making them.

Jean Bordeau, the Cookie of Cookie’s Crib Quilts.



Artist's Statement